Vision & Guiding Principles of IPGI

Accountability and transparency in all work matters


  • To create awareness amongst young graduates/undergraduates and society about Geo special technologies and make them understand benefits of choosing GIS as career option to have bright future
  • To contribute in Geo Spatial Vision led by Indian Government & prime minister by educating large number of young population
  • Creating industry relevant and high quality professional education in a wide range of inter-disciplinary areas of Geo Informatics to a larger number of students from all sections of the society in the country.
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Guiding Principals

  • Appreciation of and respect for freedom of expression and cultural, ideological and intellectual diversity.
  • Equal opportunities for all and non-discrimination on grounds of caste, class, gender, sexual preference, religion, and disability.
  • Accountability and transparency in all work matters.
  • Decision-making in management and organisational processes, which is collective, participatory and non-hierarchical.
  • Pedagogy which is participatory and experiential, fostering dialogue, mutual learning and critical reflection.
  • Emphasis on rigour, creativity and innovation in academic activities.
  • Recognition of the synergy resulting from teamwork, including multi-disciplinary perspectives and trans-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Creation of an enabling environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation and mutual support.
  • Development of interlinkages across teaching, research and extension.
  • Fostering of a spirit of self-reflection and critical appreciation.