Professional Drone Training Program

As per DGCA Guidelines, this course is specially designed for Surveying and mapping professionals, through this training surveyors will able to do surveying through Drones in professional manner. This training will include Theory as well as practical which include fundamental Drones rules and regulations, construction of Drone, Drone flying, capturing data from Drone and Drone data processing in GIS Field.  

  • Construction of Drone,
  • Drone Flying,
  • Capturing Data from Drone.
  • Drone Data Processing in GIS field.
  • UAV basics, aerodynamics, Technology
  • UAV Regulatory Guidelines
  • Simulator flying, Flight Modes & Functions
  • Flight Planning, maintenance
  • Risk Assessment & Emergency Handling
  • Introduction to Precision mapping
  • Camera Specifications
  • Output Processing Workflow
  • Processing Software On boarding
  • Data processing, Data Check & Geo tagging
  • Applications, Aerial Imaging/Photography, Surveying/Mapping, Agriculture
  • Delivery/Logistic, site Inspection, Search and Rescue, Wildlife/Biome Monitoring
  • Archaeology, Security and Surveillance.


  • Outdoor flying exercise
  • Onsite data capture
  • Geospatial data analysis.
Graduates in Geo/Eng/Math/ Earth Sciences, Diploma in Engineering/BE/B.Tech or equivalent with relevant experience. Must have
some experience in GIS
45 Days
Fee Structure
  • Registration = 1500/-
  • Course Fee = 60,000/-
Drone survey and mapping is used in various fields such as topographic mapping
architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, geology
Land use surveys, Monitoring changes in the landscape, Change detection and
intelligence collection, Property/boundary disputes, Strategic planning, Planning
enforcement, Property development, Archaeology and conservation, Estate
management, Mineral extraction, Mapping, Environmental management, Engineering
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Course Information
  • Course Id:Professional Drone Training Program
  • Eligibility:Graduation
  • Duration:45 Days
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